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As a former professional basketball player turned ACE Certified NIKE Master Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist, I possess all the necessary tools to help you to begin, maintain and progress your healthy lifestyle.

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"Body in Motion"

Too often we hear Newton’s first law referencing that a body will stay constant unless the body is acted upon by an external force---simple put if you do not move the body will stay stagnant or immobile but if you move the body will also move and stay in motion. If we had a choice I am confident that all of us will choose to move and have our body stay in motion giving us the ability to be mobile, active and offer us independence.

Moving can be something as simple as walking by putting one foot in front of the other or if we are unable to walk moving any body part such as your arms or hands. The most important thing is to start moving and become more fit.

One way to help you start moving is for you to find something you enjoy doing. If you enjoy walking, start walking. If you enjoy jogging or running start jogging or running. If you enjoy swimming, swim. The possibilities are infinite, identify something you enjoy and start doing it. If you do not have a favorite activity at this time try different ones to see which one you enjoy the most and start moving.

Please remember to consult with your physician before starting any diet or exercise program.