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"Accountability and Success"

I recently read two studies on accountability and success rates of people who stick to a plan in becoming healthier. The first study states that a person is 3x more successful if they exercise or diet with a partner suggesting accountability to the partner. The second study recently published states a person is more successful sticking to a plan if they do it alone citing that the positive reaction that people receive when they talk about their plan will make them feel they already accomplished something and they may be a long way from their goal---giving them a false sense of accomplishment. This study suggests that the accountability should be to the individual. These are two studies with very different outcomes. I think they are as different as each one of us.

In my search for the definition of accountability, I find the word “answerable” over and over again. Answerable is giving or offering an answer for our actions. If accountability and success go hand and hand then who should we be accountable to? In deciding this you must first determine why you want to become healthier. Some of my clients share stories like “I am going on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem in May, I want to be healthy to walk and travel the land”, “I have a destination wedding and I want to look my best”, “the doctor told me I need to lose some weight” and “just because it is my time to do something for myself” as reasons why they want to get in shape. I think everyone should take the time to make an affirmation concerning why you want to become healthier. Keep in somewhere close and refer to it often.

There are so many options available to help you stay on track and remain accountable. There are “apps” for your telephone or computer (some are free) that will help you keep track of your daily, weekly and monthly food intake and exercises. There are also support groups that are available for you to attend or if you prefer anonymity there are support groups on-line. Personal trainers are also a very good option. They are considered to be a part of the health care continuum. These professionals can help you identify goals, develop a plan to help you achieve your goals and motivate you along the way. Personal trainers are also available in person or on-line. Friends and family definitely play a role in your commitment; they can be your biggest supporters.

There is no “one” plan that is perfect for everyone. You have to decide which option or combination of options is best for you and your needs. Some people are very successful sharing their experiences with others and being accountable to others, while others are equally successful keeping it a secret and being accountable to themselves. Others use combinations of options to help them succeed with their goals. Explore the different options available to determine what is right for you. I think the most important thing to realize is that you are equipped with everything that is needed to be successful in becoming healthier!

"Kidney Disease"

March is Kidney Awareness Month and March 10th is World Kidney Day. This day is dedicated to raising awareness of kidney disease and the importance of its prevention and early detection. Early detection is important to control further damage to the kidney.

It is estimated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that 26 million United States (U.S.) adults in 2000 had chronic kidney disease and most of them were not aware of their condition. It is the ninth leading cause of death in the U.S., responsible for the death of more than 48,000 people in 2008. Kidney disease often develops slowly and with few symptoms. Many people with the condition do not realize they are sick until the disease is advanced or requires dialysis.

The kidneys are vital organs in your body that are considered the “clean sweep”. They clear your body of waste and excess fluid. Your body has two kidneys that are about the size of your fist that are located on either side of the spine at the lowest level of the rib cage.

Conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, hardening of the arteries, inflammation of the kidneys---nephritis, polycystic kidney disease, overloading on certain medications, infection and injury can cause damage to the kidney tissue and cause kidney disease. Treatment depends on the cause of damage and can range from medication, dialysis to kidney transplant.

Prevention of kidney disease includes getting your blood pressure checked regularly; normal blood pressure promotes kidney health. Look at your urine, if it becomes cloudy, smelly or foamy contact your physician. Drink lots of water, water helps to clean your kidneys. Staying active is an important component to health and subsequently healthy kidneys. It is important to get the blood pumping to help your kidneys function normally as well as reduce your risk for other diseases. Kidney disease is preventable but it requires you to live a healthy lifestyle and to take care of yourself. Eating healthier and getting the recommended 150 minutes of physical activity each week is an important step in preventing this disease.

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Consult with your physician before starting a diet or exercise program.