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"I don't have time to Workout!!!!"

 “I don’t have time to workout!”

5 tips to help maximize your day


As a fitness professional, the number one complaint as to why they don’t exercise is the lack of time. We work longer days. We sleep less and we barely have any down time for ourselves. Let alone exercise. So I will give you guys five easy tips on how to stay active and healthy as a professional.


1.     Get it done early!

A Forbes article named “5 things super successful people do before 8am”[1] states that exercise is the first thing super successful people do in the morning. Through our own experience we all know how hard it is to get to the gym after that tough day at the office where we were in meetings all day. Get a great workout in early in the morning to not only assure you get it done but also use it as a time to visualize success and get focused for your day. A great tip that I have picked up over the years is to have my workout clothes and protein shake ready from the night before so I have one less excuse when I wake up.



Resistance or strength training should be done 3-5 times a week and is also the best way to build lean or muscle mass in the body. As a fitness professional it always bothers me that when people are short on time in the gym that they opt for the treadmill or elliptical over a strength workout. Wrong! Resistance training burns almost twice as many calories as cardio in the same amount of time. Also the lean or muscle mass that strength training provides allows your body to burn more calories at rest. Do not get me wrong cardio is very important to overall health but do not become one dimensional in your training an your body and energy levels will thank you for it!


3.     HIIT!

I’m sure most of you are looking at this and saying what the heck is this? H.I.I.T is (high intensity interval training) and it is a savior to the busy everyday professional.  HIIT is defined “….repeated bouts of short duration, high intensity exercise intervals intermingled with periods of lower intensity intervals of active recovery.”[2] HIIT has been shown to burn upwards of 35% more calories than steady state cardio in the same period of time. It also works more muscle groups and kicks up the metabolism in your body far after you are done with the workout. My favorite thing about HIIT is that I don’t need much space or equipments to get an awesome workout. My personal favorite HIIT workout that I came up with uses only a jump rope. I do a 5 min warm-up with the jump rope then after that go as fast as I can for 1 min on the rope drop the rope and go directly into a core plank and hold for 30 seconds. I do this interval 10-15 times around. (You guys should try this one out and let me know how you feel after.)


4.     Map out your success!!

As we all know and have seen in our professional life whenever we have a clear cut plan as to how we are going to reach a goal even if we deviate from the plan a little it allows us to be more focused in our pursuit of that goal. The body is no different. Even if you have zero exercise experience just write out the day and times that you will workout, whether its cardio, resistance, what body parts etc. I would also advise you do this with your meals. Most people get in trouble when they have no plan and when the time crunch happens they opt for the quickest, which is usually not the healthiest.


5.     Don’t get stuck at your desk!!!

Yes you’re at work but you do not have to be glued to your chair!! Just because you are at work it does not mean that you cant find active things to do throughout the day. Challenge yourselves and be creative!!! Every hour get up and do 15 squats as quick as you can, and think from an 8-hour day that is 120 squats and more importantly an extra 100 calories burned. For the people looking to build a stronger tighter core (which is all of us) should do a 40 sec plank every hour. Sure your going to look funny and people will talk at first but once they start seeing the changes in your body I guarantee you will become the fitness guru in your office.



I hope these tips help you guys take you workout to the next level and live the  24Life.




Good health and wealth,

David Carson




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